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About the Willed Body Program

The Willed Body Program at the South Florida Office of the Anatomical Board (SOFAB) is managed through the Medical Education Office at the University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine. The program provides the resources for individuals to donate their body to the Anatomical Board for use in educating medical professionals throughout South Florida.

Individuals who live in South Florida can donate their body by signing a dedication form. This form allows the Anatomical Board to provide their body to local medical schools for education or research. Family members can also donate a deceased relative’s body to the Anatomical Board. Institutions served by the office include the University of Miami, Florida International University, Florida Atlantic University, Nova Southeastern University, Barry University as well as others.

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About the Anatomical Board of the State of Florida

  • To regulate the preservation, storage, distribution, security and dignified use of donated bodies in medical education programs throughout Florida.
  • To oversee cremation of bodies after use and return cremated remains to family members or scatter cremated remains over the waters of the Gulf of Mexico or Atlantic Ocean.
  • To ensure compliance with Florida Statutes pertaining to the use of donated bodies.


  • Detailed understanding of human anatomy is an essential foundation in every medical field.
  • One single donation can impact many future doctors.


  • Medical Schools, Dental Schools, Physical Therapy Programs, Physician Assistant Programs, Specialty Training Programs


  • All facilities receiving specimens from the Anatomical Board require their participants to sign a Pledge of Respect form which acknowledges that they:
  • Understand that they must treat donated human anatomical specimens with the utmost respect and gratitude at all times.
  • Recognize that the bequest of human remains to the Anatomical Board of the State of Florida represents a direct and important contribution to medical teaching and research.


  • Access to all facilities is RESTRICTED to faculty and students registered in the course.
  • The bodies are well cared for and respectfully dissected.
  • The bodies can be used to teach more than one course.
  • The bodies are used and cremated within Florida.
  • Medical, dental and physician assistant students hold Services of Remembrance to pay tribute to their anatomy “teachers”.

The reasons a body may not be accepted include death following a crushing injury, extreme obesity (> 250 lb), contagious disease, an autopsy has been performed, or under 18 years of age. Unlike tissue banks, those individuals who have died of cancer can be accepted by the Anatomical Board.