Instructions for Body Donation

Instructions to Persons Interested in Donating Their Bodies

1) The Vital Statistics Form should be completed.

2) Two copies of the Dedication Form should be filled out and signed in the presence of two witnesses who also must sign the form. Since the completed Dedication forms have legal status, a formal will is not required.

3) Please complete the Cremated Remains Form.

4) The signed and completed Vital Statistics Form, one copy of the Dedication Form and the Cremated Remains Form can be scanned and emailed to, can be FAXed to 305-545-7166, or can be mailed to::

Anatomical Board of the State of Florida
Office of Medical Education
P.O. Box 016960 (R-160)
Miami, Florida 33101-6960

5) The second copy of the Dedication Form should be retained and placed in your personal files.

6) Copies of the memo addressed to “Those Responsible for Final Arrangements” should be distributed to a relative and/or close friend. In this way, they will know of your wish and will be in a better position to carry it out promptly.

7) If you are going to do a pre-arrangement with the funeral home of your choice, you should make arrangements at this time, as it will save your relatives the necessity of making arrangements after your death. The funeral director should be informed of your plans to donate your body for medical education and be instructed as to their responsibilities. They should be given the memo titled “Instructions to funeral director” or they can contact the Miami Branch of the Anatomical Board.

8) The Anatomical Board is not able to remove and store tissues for eye banks, bone banks or other agencies which collect tissues for transplantation to living persons. If you are interested in such procedures, you should discuss the possibilities with your physician. The Board, however, will accept bodies from which only eyes have been removed.

9) If you wish further information about your donation or the completion of these forms, please write or telephone the Miami Branch of the Anatomical Board.