Instructions for Body Donation : Instructions for Final Arrangements

Instructions for Final Arrangements

1) Within a reasonable time after death, the Anatomical Board should be notified at the following:

Office of Medical Education
Telephone: 305-243-6691

2) Make arrangements with a funeral home of your choice. They should be instructed to embalm the body by means of ‘arterial injection only’.

3) The funeral director should be told to contact the Anatomical Board as soon as practical to arrange delivery to the school, telephone 305-243-6691.

4) The cost of the embalming and transportation to the Medical School will be borne by the family or estate of the deceased.

5) If cremation is not desired, the Anatomical Board should be notified. After study, the body can be turned over to a funeral home for such burial as the family may specify. Burial by a funeral home will be at the expense of the family.